Release of 0.5.0 stable

It has been almost a year in the making, but it is finally here! The CEGUI development team is immensely proud to announce the release of Crazy Eddie's GUI System 0.5.0 - the first stable release of code in the 0.5.x series.

There are pretty vast changes in this release from the previous stable (0.4.1) - many of these changes are breaking, so please agian review Release Notes 0.5.X]to see details of most of these changes.

This release consists of various files that you may need, depending on your usage of the system. We are providing source packages, documentation packages, dependency packages, and binary SDK packages (for VC7.1 and VC8).

To coincide with this release, we are also happy to announce a stable 0.1.0 release of Simple Image Loading LibrarY (SILLY), and the 0.5.0 release of the CELayoutEditor. Please see the downloads page]for full details.