CEED 0.8.0

The first stable release of CEED has been released. Archives provide testing sample data with CEGUI 0.7 and CEGUI 0.8 datafiles.

There have been 11 tickets resolved compared to the last snapshot11. Most of the tickets are bug fixing and stabilising changes.

Grab the source tarball, Windows standalone binaries or Windows installer. The MacOS X app bundle will come later:

We have decided to name the CEED releases according to which CEGUI the release is based on. CEED 0.8.x will work with all CEGUI 0.8.x releases. CEED has a stable branch called v0-8 that serves a similar purpose as CEGUI v0-8.


- 0001035: [General] CEED should put /usr/lib64/python2.7/cegui-X.Y into PYTHONPATH (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000930: [General] Explicitly check FBO support and report if it's not there (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0001020: [Layout editing] Feature: Strip all comma values from all absolute position and size values - Add button that prevents this while moving/resizing (Ident) - resolved.
- 0000969: [CLI tools] Whenever anything fails in ceed-mic the tool is stuck forever (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000943: [Layout editing] Preserve expanded/collapsed when dragndropping/reparenting widgets (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000951: [Compatibility layers] Error when migrating looknfeel (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000940: [General] Changing shortcuts of actions with no default shortcut fails (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000939: [Layout editing] Recursive lock/unlock of widgets in layout editing (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000897: [Imageset editing] Editing GUI for per-image autoScaled and native{Horz,Vert}Res (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000569: [General] Dock widget resize handles are super small (OSX) (Kulik) - closed.
- 0000497: [General] Help API + the ability to declare which help sources are relevant to which functionality (Kulik) - closed.