CEED 1.1.0

If it seems to you that this place is abandoned, we are in a hurry to dispel this feeling!

Welcome CEED, the best of officialy supported CEGUI editors!

In its brand new 1.1.0 flavor, CEED does the work formerly done by hand and is specially tailored for:

  • pleasing your eyes with correctly rendered widgets even if they use imagery caching surfaces
  • editing TabControl in a way you'd expect
  • and the same for every type of property
  • filling layout containers with only your Shift and a mouse cursor
  • telling you what you can achieve with different keys in the current context. No boring documentation crawling required!

And many more tiny brilliants of stability and usability.

CEED makes your life easier and does it for free.

Let yourself work with comfort!


* Contains no injurious chemicals or known crashes

* Just in case you missed it, you may order your very own CEED copy here!