CEED snapshot1

Ok, I promised to release something at the end of April so there it is :-)


The files:

Features of this release:
- project management
- multi-tab, multi-file editing with separate undo stack for each file
- embedded CEGUI instance that is kept in sync with project settings

- imageset editing (more or less finished)
- everything is undoable/redoable with undo history
- image positions, sizes and offsets supported
- cycle through overlapping images
- XML editing

- preliminary layout editing (pre-alpha quality)
- SAVING doesn't work, so all layout editing is useless, it's basically just a tech demo for now
- everything is undoable/redoable with undo history
- opening CEGUI 0.8 layout files
- XML editing
- changing properties
- moving, resizing
- live preview

I probably forgot something but hopefully this got you at least a bit excited :-)

How to get this to work?
On Windows this is very simple, just download the win32 zip package, extract and run CEED.exe.
On Linux you have to download the source package, get dependencies separately and run "python entry.py" (I highly recommend reading How to get CEED from Mercurial running)

If you wish to contribute, please read How to get CEED from Mercurial running. It works for both Linux and Windows (it should work for MacOSX but I can't try that out)

Known problems of this release
1) When you open a project and close it you can't open another project, CEGUI doesn't clean after the previous project fully, as a workaround close CEED and start it again
- this is obviously annoying and will get fixed
2) the splashscreen disappears when you click it or move mouse over it, it doesn't react to mouse if it isn't over it
- this is obviously annoying and will get fixed
3) tablet mice and pens tend to have problems on both Windows and Linux (clicks not getting registered, etc...), this is a problem that started in Qt 4.6 and happens with all Qt apps, hiponboy reported this on Windows with a Wacom Bamboo tablet
4) segfault inside python when shutting down, this seems to only happen on Windows and seems to be PySide race condition issue, hopefully will be fixed in future versions, it's not that hard to trigger but doesn't happen all the time

I put a lot of work into this and would appreciate feedback! I am also desperately looking for contributors, this is a very ambitious project and requires a lot of work, if you know Python and are interested in this, please send me a message.

(I will be working on a GSoC project over the summer so I won't have much spare time but I hope to integrate external changes over the weekends and maybe hack a thing or two there and there)


This is the first public release.