CEED snapshot10

New snapshot has been released. Archives provide testing sample data with CEGUI 0.7 and CEGUI 1.0 datafiles (CEGUI 1.0 has since been "renamed" to 0.8).

There have been 8 issues fixed from the last snapshot9. There are no drastic changes this release, it is all bugfixes and polish. This is the release that I will be defending my thesis with. Development will not stop though of course! CEED will see a stable release with CEGUI 1.0 release and will be developed continuously.

Grab the source tarball, Windows standalone binaries or MacOS X app bundle at


- 0000885: [Imageset editing] It is possible to input negative size of image definition via code editing (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000884: [General] Min window size, add minimum screen estate to requirements in the user manual (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000880: [Imageset editing] Imageset global property widgets shrink vertically when there is not enough vertical screen space (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000863: [Documentation] Less pathetic documentation build setup (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000862: [General] DragDropContainer should be "DragContainer" (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000873: [Animation editing] Opening an animation without having a project opened raises exception (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000872: [General] Exceptions when opening files with unicode paths (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000859: [Animation editing] Saving to file is broken (Kulik) - resolved.