CEGUI 0.8.0

I come to you this fine day bearing gifts! Yes, we finally managed to stick to a release day as promised :D This time around it is the 0.8.0 release of CEGUI. This is the first release from the new v0-8 branch, and contains many of the things we have been working on for 1.0, but -- as previously announced -- we wanted to get this out there and in use, so rather than keep putting off releasing until 1.0 is finally ready, we are issuing the 0.8.x series of releases.

The 0.8 releases marks many changes for CEGUI. One of the major things is that we will be applying our API/ABI versioning policy from this release. This means that all future 0.x releases will not break the API for you guys, and that 0.8.x releases will additionally be binary compatible -- that means, for example, you can compile 0.8.1 libs when they arrive, drop them in place and your programs will get bugfixes and what have you without you having to recompile or relink.

The release contains massive breaking changes from 0.7 and earlier releases, however. The docs do not (yet) have a porting guide (I aim to get it done for some future 0.x release), though the Wiki contains a page with some -- but not all -- of the required changes, please see that here: http://www.cegui.org.uk/wiki/index.php/ ... _for_1.0.0

Additionally, please note that the vast majority of the Wiki is out of date as far as 0.8 is concerned, so we would ask you guys to chip in and update articles where you can.

The following packages are available for immediate download:
Crazy Eddie's GUI System 0.8.0 source code (.zip file)
Crazy Eddie's GUI System 0.8.0 source code (.tar.gz file)

Crazy Eddie's GUI System 0.8.0 Documentation package (.zip file)
Crazy Eddie's GUI System 0.8.0 Documentation package (.tar.gz file)

This release uses our new source based dependency pack, you can get that here:
CEGUI 0.8.x Dependencies source package (.zip file)


Release 0.8.0
- 0000816: [Documentation] Update Imageset and Font XML doc about autoScaled (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000742: [Documentation] CMake does not produce uninstall targets (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000867: [Build system] Provide options to control RPATH (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000971: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Property setters changed to use the templated version (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000789: [Renderer modules] OpenGL renderers: These all should have the pixel alignment set to 1 in the blitFrom/blitToMemory functions. (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000965: [Documentation] Docu lacks info on the regex style used (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000964: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Editbox regexp validation is completely broken. (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000968: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Templated property getter doesnt work in most cases (ColourRect for example) (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000963: [Renderer modules] OpenGL FBO crash on my driver (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000762: [Scripting Modules] PyCEGUI Python3 support (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000927: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] After loading schemes etc., memory will not be deleted after deinitialisation of CEGUI (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000922: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] [Patch] IconvStringTranscoder assertion when trying to transcode empty strings (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000921: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] [Patch] The IconvStringTranscoder inserts BOM when converting to UTF-16 (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000432: [Other] Copy&Paste functionality (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000902: [Renderer modules] CEGUI switches FBO back to NULL even if user had FBO enabled before calling renderGUI (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000868: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] ItemListBox windows crash on creation when setting a Size Property in the LNF (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000865: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] StaticText window does not adapt text rendering area correctly when a text is set (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000864: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Destroying GUIContext makes destruction of associated windows lead to a crash afterwards (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000846: [WindowRenderer sets] StaticText window does not adapt text rendering area correctly when a scrollbar is set (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000433: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Add 'soft validation' / partial matching to Editbox regex validation (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000440: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] [Bug]Blank line in wrapped rendered string cannot display (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000843: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] While selecting text inside the multiline editbox, moving it topwards outside the window selects the text wrongly (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000808: [Common Dialogs] [ColourPicker] Under the Ogre renderer, sliders do not always stay in sync with each other and the main palette (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000807: [Common Dialogs] [ColourPicker] segfault when using the Irrlicht renderer (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000509: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] RenderedWidgetComponent is broken after removing WindowManager::getWindow (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000838: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] WidgetLook XML writing is totally broken (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000604: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] FrameComponent : VertFormat and HorzFormat should be used for all edges, not only for the background (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000773: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Default window size on creation is restricted to app window size (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000834: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Aspect Ratio resizing resizes the window without correclty updating everything (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000521: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Add ability to set the RegexMatcher in Editbox (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000728: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Add ImageProperty support to FrameComponent. (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000718: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Falagard PropertyIntitialisers are applied in incorrect order (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000645: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] UnknownObjectException when more than one property with layoutOnWrite="true" are used (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000824: [Build system] Lua generator and module will attempt to build even when tolua is not found (just lua triggers it) (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000810: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] There is no mechanism to trigger updates based on Inner rect (and other similar areas) sourced from WidgetLook. (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000814: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Errors when compiling for x64 with MSVC (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000815: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] AutoScaled messes up aspect ratio (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000791: [Renderer modules] [OgreRenderer] Format of pixels read back from textures is incorrect (i.e. BGR not RGB) (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000638: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] TextComponent::getText does not always return the actual string that will be drawn (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000336: [Renderer modules] Recent clipping fixes breaks 'clipped' attribute / setting for StateImagery in Falagard and so it currently has no effect. (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000449: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Inverted scrollbar when VertFormatting=BottomAligned (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000444: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] [Default Logger] Add support for filenames with unicode characters. (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000643: [WindowRenderer sets] Auto-cast boolean properties when used in DimOperators (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000393: [WindowRenderer sets] StaticText does not always update/reformat correctly (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000785: [Renderer modules] display resize notifications are not handled correctly. (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000303: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] There is no mechanism for a font to notify interested parties that its internal state (size and options) has changed. (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000712: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Window::invalidate(bool) should fire an event. (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000772: [Renderer modules] Fixed OGL3 renderer to create a silent OpenGL error and fixed warnings/error outputs (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000450: [Datafiles] Property Links VertScrollPosition, HorzScrollPosition (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000437: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] treeItem memory leak (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000724: [Other] Install headers for loadable / plugin modules. (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000655: [Documentation] Wrong names for the NamedAreas for Falagard/ItemListbox (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000499: [Documentation] Better distinction between EventListSelectionChanged and EventListSelectionAccepted (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000716: [Documentation] PropertyDefinition / PropertyLinkDefinition docs are out of date. (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000512: [Other] [Dependencies] The IL library produced by the beta3 dependencies package does not load png files - at least on OS X (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000711: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Add mechanism to invalidate a window based on event firing. (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000713: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Add a facility for events to fire based on modification of properties defined in falagard xml. (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000486: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] ScrollablePane clipping issue. (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000488: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] FalagardDemo1 scrollable pane doesn't account the scrollbar when doing the word wrap (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000723: [Other] Do not disable the install target on OS X and Windows. (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000460: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Feature request: auto-adjust for drop-down lists of combo boxes (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000451: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Change the return value for getHorizontalScrollPosition (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000439: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Combobox::setText does not select the corresponding item in its listbox (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000650: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Mouse wheel "scrolls" tab buttons in the opposite direction (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000726: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] A Window's 'auto window' status should not be based on it's name. (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000536: [Datafiles] TaharezLook Doesn't Conform to Falgard Requirements (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000446: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Checkbox selection event name differs from the internal naming and the getter function for selection (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000647: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] ExpressionDim fontdim() should allow the "string" parameter for HorzExtent (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000434: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Bug on RenderedStringParser processing `[' at the end of str (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000747: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Make XML attribute casing consistent (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000456: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Tooltip should use animations for fade out (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000725: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Add tag for layout files. (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000727: [WindowRenderer sets] Rename CEGUIFalagardWRBase (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000425: [WindowRenderer sets] StaticText marks mouse-wheel-events as handled only if scrollbars are visible (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000445: [Renderer modules] Possible crash in Direct3D9TextureTarget (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000542: [WindowRenderer sets] Editbox wrong ActiveSelection in ReadOnly-Mode (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000744: [Samples Framework / Sample Applications] Sample base apps crash when cleaning up at exit. (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000427: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Editboxes halt propagation of all keyboard input. (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000743: [Datafiles] Editbox text colours are not applied correctly (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000442: [WindowRenderer sets] missing 'SelectedHover' not fall back to 'SelectedNormal' (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000746: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Combobox scrollbar buttons and thumb are never highlighted (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000719: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Combobox is broken (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000722: [Other] Xcode project generated via cmake does not build. (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000513: [Samples Framework / Sample Applications] [OS X] resources and libs are copied (or linked) to the wrong place in a debug build (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000741: [Other] Remove bundled copy of tolua++ (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000740: [Other] Make most CMake options visible by default (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000573: [Other] Patch file from Thomas Fischer that came via email (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000717: [Renderer modules] Complete initial support for multiple rendering roots. (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000453: [Datafiles] Add Label looknfeel and widget type (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000729: [Renderer modules] Remove the bundled copy of GLEW from the GL renderer. (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000730: [XML parser modules] Remove the bundled copy of tinyxml from the TinyXMLParser module (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000736: [Other] Add minizip to dependencies package (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000714: [Samples Framework / Sample Applications] Remove use of GLUT in samples and favour GLFW instead. (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000735: [Other] Provide an option to build against the system's minizip library (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000732: [Renderer modules] OpenGL 3.2+ Core profile compatible CEGUI renderer (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000457: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Animation and Font definitions verbosely spew into logs as INFO (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000734: [Datafiles] Add type annotations to as many types as possible in looknfeels (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000733: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Make CEGUI::Exception not output to stderr as an option (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000483: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Get rid of testClass home made RTTI (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000708: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Falagard-Properties-Branch ready for merge (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000699: Animation definitions lack XMLSerializer support (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000646: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Quaternion property helper should be able to parse degrees too (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000660: [Image codec modules] Update bundled STB (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000648: [Other] CMake: Enabling ExpressionDim breaks CEGUIBase build (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000459: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Feature request: library version available at runtime (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000487: [Scripting Modules] PyCEGUI won't compile with Bidi disabled (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000462: [Other] PyCEGUI inheritance (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000635: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] isHit(ignoreDisabled) should ignore effective disabled, not just disabled (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000634: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Element::d_size shouldn't be altered because of min/max size (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000415: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] Adds Defaults to UDim, Vector2, Vector3, UVector2 (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000490: [Samples Framework / Sample Applications] The Tree demo has visual glitches (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000489: [Core library (CEGUIBase)] CEGUI won't compile with Bidi (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000454: [Other] PyCEGUI should be able to subscribeEvent with a callable (Kulik) - resolved.