CEGUI 0.8.3

Patch release from v0-8 branch - It contains some minor fixes and changes. You can use the following links:

Source Package Downloads:
Source code packaged a a .zip file
Source code packaged as a .tar.gz file

Documentation Downloads:
Documentation packaged as a .zip file
Documentation packaged as a .tar.gz file

Dependencies (Windows / Apple OS X Only):

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We are still working on the next major release, which will include the finished and refurnished work related to CEGUI's two Google Summer of Code 2013 projects (GUI navigation & SVG rendering) together with some other important improvements of the library.


- Fix for "Checkbox" to "ToggleButton" transition in Lua.
- Fixed official tutorial to have version attribute in <GUILayout> root element
- FIX: Fixed initialisation of autoscale if its off
- Fix CEGUI compilation with Cygwin
- Fixed problem with wrong text selection
- FIX: CEGUI_NEW used without including the headers for that - changed to new
- FIX: The OperatorDim got wrong values for Font height because of delayed updates
- FIX: Build issue with sample fwk. Don't you guys test your shit?! :-p
- FIX: OGL3GeometryBuffer could occur to access non-existing element in case of
- MOD: Fixing more outdated docs
- MOD: Fixed the official docs of the tutorial (were outdated)
- MOD: Fixed warning message
- MOD: Fixing XML scheme load issues after a previous unload
- MOD: Changed CEGUI's String's include from to <cstring> for mingw compatibility
- MOD: Removed ancient D3D8 Renderer stuff that is of no use anymore
- MOD: Changed the image's size to accomodate some GPU's max size (4096x4096)
- MOD: Changing malformed documentation tags so that they work with doxygen ;)
- MOD: Adding casts and changing types to remove MSVC warnings
- MOD: FPS counter fix
- ADD: Added FPS counters to the demos using overlay rendering queue
- Prevent boost autolinking when including Ogre headers (sample framework + Ogre renderer)
- MERGE: desGusty's ogredetectplus
- Expose ImageManager::getIterator in lua.
- Expose inherent methods in lua bindings.
- Use "unsigned int" rather than "size_t" in lua bindings.
- Do not include system timer related headers into CEGUI namespace
- Deal with utf8 clipboard strings correctly, do not truncate to ASCII
- Exposed 'getSingleton' of ImageManager in Lua bindings
- Changed setSelection to clear previous selection
- Dllexport OpenGL3Shader corrently, this prevents MSVC linker issues
- Added OGRE 1.9 support by using the newly-added version information.
- Add defines for found Ogre version to our config file.
- Have all headers added to project and use file groups, suggested by Mr. Meindl
- Merge: Back-merging Ident's mods from v0. These are ABI safe.