CEGUI 0.8.5

Patch release from v0-8 branch - It contains many minor fixes and changes. You can use the following links:

Source Package Downloads:
Source code packaged a a .zip file
Source code packaged as a .tar.bz2 file

Documentation Downloads:
Documentation packaged as a .zip file

Dependencies (Windows / Apple OS X Only):

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Release 0.8.5 (taken from bitbucket issue-tracker, milestone 0.8.5. To read the full issue go to https://bitbucket.org/cegui/cegui/issue and append the ID - e.g. https://bitbucket.org/cegui/cegui/issue/998

  •     Some changes around the Cmake for the OgreRenderer were done, both fixes and enhancements
  •     #998: SimpleTimer.cpp includes headers into namespace
  •     #1019: Docu lacks info on deinitialisation of CEGUI
  •     #1034: Doxygen docs use GIF images
  •     #1063: OpenGLRenderer on Linux renders CEGUI samples upside-down
  •     #1065: The 0.7->0.8 porting tips should either be added to the API Docu or referenced from there
  •     #1072: Docu: Replace CEGUIFalagardWRBase with CEGUICoreWindowRendererSet in Docu
  •     #1076: TabControl XML printing prints children twice
  •     #1077: ComboDropList output to XML shows RestoreOldCapture for Scrollbar's autowindow children
  •     #1078: Properties that are forwarded via PropertyLinkDefinitions are printed to XML
  •     #1079: Tooltips behave glitchy, take away focus from underlying windows, affect move-events
  •     #1080: Tooltips are wrongly printed to XML, inheritance affects the printing and uses wrong values
  •     #1081: Numerous windows XML-print some redundant (because forwarded) AutoWindow properties
  •     #1082: Scrollable panes print their children inside their autowindow instead of directly inside them
  •     #1087: StaticText uses incorrect Font when DefaultFont of a GUIContext is changed
  •     #1097: Window font ignored in RenderStringTextComponents
  •     #1104: Issue an exception if the locale is unexpected, before parsing anything with sscanf
  •     #1110: Support building CEGUI and its deps on Windows with MSVC for 64-bit.