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by lakersfan
Mon Nov 10, 2008 10:57
Forum: Modifications / Integrations / Customisations
Topic: MultiColumnList crashes
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MultiColumnList crashes

Hello, I created multiple columns and added rows to MultiColumnList. Everything is fine.. Now I was to clear this MultiColumnList and add new rows.. Since i created ListboxTextItems using CEGUI::ListboxTextItem * pItem = new CEGUI::ListboxTextItem(pStat->mName.c_str()); I want to first delete these ...
by lakersfan
Thu Jul 24, 2008 20:18
Forum: Unofficial CEGUI-Related Tools
Topic: [SOLVED] CELayout editor couldnt open a layout file
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[SOLVED] CELayout editor couldnt open a layout file

Hi, When I open the following layout file in CELayout editor I get the following error: GUILayout_xmlHandler::startElement - layout loading has been aborted since no windowfactory is available for 'StaticImage' objects. I use CELayout editor 0.6.1 stable release binaries. The layout file is: <?xml v...

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