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by klapeto
Fri Feb 20, 2015 13:48
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Topic: [Binary Issue] Dynamic Module failure
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[Binary Issue] Dynamic Module failure

Hello! I am currently trying to release a binary package of my project, and I want to include the CEGUI shared libraries (along with others) on the package in order to create a portable package (I want to make sure it will run on the Institution's machines, so I have to make it portable since they d...
by klapeto
Tue Jun 10, 2014 22:38
Forum: Unofficial CEGUI-Related Tools
Topic: Eclipse LDT 1.2 (Koneki) CEGUI Lua API Import file
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Eclipse LDT 1.2 (Koneki) CEGUI Lua API Import file

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I've been using CEGUI on my project for over a year now. Due to my projec's nature, CEGUI is guided mostly though Lua scripts, meaning that the 95% of the calls to CEGUI system is from lua. This means the that there is no Interfacet to look up for available calls to CEGUI...

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