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by Aiursrage2k
Thu Oct 29, 2009 19:18
Forum: CEGUI Library Development Discussion
Topic: Falagard Visual Skin / Scheme Editor
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Re: Falagard Visual Skin / Scheme Editor

Yeah I think its a good idea. The current editor is not that great so having a nice would be great! The biggest problem is that its hard to get the artist to do it
by Aiursrage2k
Tue May 20, 2008 19:44
Forum: Help
Topic: MultiColumnList not updating on item text change [SOLVED]
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MultiColumnList not updating on item text change [SOLVED]

Hello I am trying to update an item (by changing the items' text) in the MultiColumnList. The listbox does not reflect the updated data until I click on the MultiColumnList again. I would like find a way to instantly update the multicolumnlistbox when the items text changes. Edit: requestRedraw does...
by Aiursrage2k
Fri Dec 16, 2005 19:38
Forum: Modifications / Integrations / Customisations
Topic: Free/Recreate
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I just started using CEGUI, its a really great GUI. The problem is I have to free all the resources from the card before I can reset it. How is this usually done? I have this for when recrate happens. //Recreate m_Renderer = new CEGUI::DirectX9Renderer(GET_APPDEVICE,0); m_System = new CEGUI:...

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