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Project settings

Postby CrazyEddie » Fri Sep 24, 2004 09:58

I've noticed that the project settings output the final libs to lib/win32/debug and lib/win32/release (on my win32 machine, obviously).

It would be neater to have all libs generated into the same directory lib/win32, and have the debug libraries prefaced with a "d" or "_d". This convention seems pretty standard, and in particular this means that one directory can be set up in the project settings of the client app.

Your observation is noted :) The funny thing is that the old mk-1 version of the system was structured like that (with the _d suffix), I may go back to that for the beta1 release.

Another issue is whether the widget projects have spaces. In the current settings I just got from cvs, we have "Taharez Look" and "WindowsLook". Perhaps there should be a convention one way or the other? Maybe its just me, but I'm uncomfortable seeing libs and dlls with spaces in them. :-)

This is already fixed in the beta1 branch of CVS (no spaces!).

Lastly, as (probably) one of the few people in the world using .net 7.0, I've noticed the WindowsLook vcproj fails to open. I'm not sure if its just a problem with my machine, or whether it has been copied from 7.1 and thus won't load. I generally have to copy over the 6.0 .dsp and update it, and then fix the settings for the project. If this is not just a problem with my machine, I'd be happy so submit the new project file as a cvs patch.

:oops: Thanks for the patch, I'll get this checked in today. I do not currently have access to VC7.0 which is why that one slipped by me.


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