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Performance issue with scrollable pane

Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2006 10:29
by jackbenoit
I have a frame window that contains some scrollable panes. The problem is that the more widgets are present in the scrollable panes, the more the framerate drops down.
Is this possible that the scrollable pane actually performs the render of all its children and finally displays the ones in the visible area only ?
Or does CEGUI calculates all the widgets' coordinates although the majority of them is not visible at all ?
Thanks in advance.

i also having problems with scrollable pane

Posted: Fri Jul 07, 2006 08:48
by angela4et
i have dragcontainer inside my scrollablepane, if i set the scrollablepane to autoresize == true then dragcontainers's setposition all screwed.
and when autoresize == true , both horzontal and vertical srcollbar will appear then i setshowhorzontalbar to false but it doesn't work..

and for the setContentPaneArea , i am sooo confused ... inside the
CEGUI::Rect(CEGUI::Point(x,y), CEGUI::Size(width,height));

x, y ,width, height should all be float ---that means relative value i guess

but, for x, y if i put raletive value eg. 0.1 , 0.2 then i got wrong positioning
just like point(0.0, 0.0 ) , so i tried absolute but still float value 15.0, and 30.0 and it works!!! but it seems the direction is wrong, so i change to -15.0, and -30.0 and it works just fine!!

here is some of my code:

// ScrollablePane

CEGUI::WindowManager::getSingleton().getWindow("Root_Game/Frame_Inventory")->addChildWindow( singlePage);
singlePage ->setWindowArea( CEGUI::UVector2( CEGUI::UDim(0.01f, 9 ), CEGUI::UDim(0.01f, 16))
, CEGUI::UVector2( CEGUI::UDim(0.95f, -5 ), CEGUI::UDim(0.75f, -5)));

singlePage ->setContentPaneAutoSized(false);

singlePage ->setContentPaneArea( CEGUI::Rect(CEGUI::Point(-15.0, -30.0), CEGUI::Size(0.50,0.50)));

singlePage ->setShowHorzScrollbar(false);
//singlePage ->activate();
singlePage ->setEnabled(true);

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