Event Naming issues.

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Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk
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Event Naming issues.

Postby jtracy » Tue Jul 17, 2007 14:53

I have noticed some issues with event names that I am trying to get a handle on. The main problem that I am having is that events that get fired have a different name then what is documented in the doxygen. For instance in Listbox it mentions that it has EventSelectionChanged, so based on previous experience I should register for a call back on SelectionChanged. But that does not work because looking at the code I noticed the real event name being called is ItemSelectionChanged. Also EventListContentsChanged maps to ListItemsChanged. Is this an oversight or designed to be that way?

Is there any documentation say in the wiki that might show what the real event names will be when running?


Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk
Posts: 22
Joined: Wed Dec 20, 2006 17:20

Postby jtracy » Tue Jul 17, 2007 15:41

Here is a list of events that are inconsistent with there names. I know it would break backwards compatiblity to fix them all, but it has been a major pain in my ass trying to figure out why some events don't seem to work and I am sure others will have the same problems in the future. I hope this helps.


EventDisplaySizeChanged - DisplayModeChanged

EventClippedByParentChanged - ClippingChanged
EventInputCaptureGained - CaptureGained
EventInputCaptureLost - CaptureLost
EventRenderingStarted - StartRender
EventRenderingEnded - EndRender
EventChildAdded - AddedChild
EventChildRemoved - RemovedChild
EventDestructionStarted - DestructStart
EventZOrderChanged - ZChanged
EventMouseEnters - MouseEnter
EventMouseLeaves - MouseLeave

EventListSelectionAccepted - ListSelectionAccepted

EventReadOnlyModeChanged - ReadOnlyChanged
EventTextInvalidated - TextInvalidatedEvent
EventEditboxFull - EditboxFullEvent
EventTextAccepted - TextAcceptedEvent

EventReadOnlyModeChanged - ReadOnlyChanged
EventMaskedRenderingModeChanged - MaskRenderChanged
EventMaskCodePointChanged - MaskCPChanged
EventValidationStringChanged - ValidatorChanged
EventMaximumTextLengthChanged - MaxTextLenChanged
EventInvalidEntryAttempted - InvalidInputAttempt
EventCaratMoved - TextCaratMoved
EventTextSelectionChanged - TextSelectChanged

EventListContentsChanged - ListItemsChanged

EventSegmentRenderOffsetChanged - SegmentOffsetChanged

EventListContentsChanged - ListItemsChanged
EventSelectionChanged - ItemSelectionChanged

EventNominatedSelectColumnChanged - NomSelColChanged
EventNominatedSelectRowChanged - NomSelRowChanged
EventVertScrollbarModeChanged - VertBarModeChanged
EventHorzScrollbarModeChanged - HorzBarModeChanged
EventListContentsChanged - ContentsChanged
EventSortColumnChanged - SortColChanged
EventSortDirectionChanged - SortDirChanged
EventListColumnSized - ColSized
EventListColumnMoved - ColMoved

EventReadOnlyModeChanged - ReadOnlyChanged
EventEditboxFull - EditboxFullEvent

EventScrollPositionChanged - ScrollPosChanged

EventSelectionChanged - TabSelectionChanged

EventThumbPositionChanged - ThumbPosChanged

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