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how move render window by mouse?

Posted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 02:19
by pyhmail
I want to Drag my render window by mouse,I use the reposition(int,int) function in RenderWindow class ,but when I drag the render window by mouse ,the render window will flash,how to eliminate the flash phenomenon? my code is follwing:(platform:OGRE + CEGUI)


UIEditor* pEditor = (UIEditor*)FindWindowById(ID_UIEDITOR);
wxPoint oldPos = this->GetPosition();
int offsetX = pos.x - mPrevPos.x;
int offsetY = pos.y - mPrevPos.y;
wxPoint newPos(oldPos.x + offsetX,oldPos.y + offsetY);
Ogre::RenderWindow* pRenderWnd = pEditor->GetRenderWnd();
pRenderWnd->reposition(oldPos.x + offsetX,oldPos.y + offsetY);
mPrevPos = pos;


Posted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 08:55
by CrazyEddie
Do not post the same thing in multiple threads. If you have to, bump the original one.

I already asked for additional information if the very first one you posted on this topic, which you chose to ignore completely.

As for the issue I do not see that this is CEGUI related.