Why can not change the text color in the tooltip ?

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Just popping in
Just popping in
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Why can not change the text color in the tooltip ?

Postby 0xaa55 » Wed Jul 19, 2017 00:59

I added some code in cegui-0.8.7\samples\DragDropDemo\Sample_DragDropDemo.cpp : bool DragDropDemo::initialise(CEGUI::GUIContext* guiContext)

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bool DragDropDemo::initialise(CEGUI::GUIContext* guiContext)
    using namespace CEGUI;

    d_guiContext = guiContext;
    d_usedFiles = CEGUI::String(__FILE__);

    // load windows look

    // load font and setup default if not loaded via scheme
    Font& defaultFont = FontManager::getSingleton().createFromFile("DejaVuSans-12.font");
    // Set default font for the gui context

    // set up defaults


    // load the drive icons imageset

    // load the initial layout

    //Here is the code I added
   Window* DragContainer2 = d_guiContext->getRootWindow()->getChild("MainWindow/Slot6/DragContainer2");
   std::stringstream ssTooltip;
      << "[colour='FF0000FF']" << "axe" << std::endl
      << "------------------------" << std::endl
      << "[top-padding='0'][bottom-padding='0'][colour='FF00FFFF']" << "This is a very sharp ax." << std::endl
      << "------------------------" << std::endl
      << "Tech Level: " << "123" << std::endl
      << "------------------------" << std::endl;


    // setup events

    // success!
    return true;

All the text does not change the color.
What should I do?

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Re: Why can not change the text color in the tooltip ?

Postby Ident » Thu Aug 17, 2017 19:56

Just change the style of the tooltip to whatever you want. The tooltip has a look n' feel. You can edit it to be whatever you want there. Try to look at other look n' feels to get ideas of how to change colours etc.
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