How to detect if something is clicked?

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How to detect if something is clicked?

Postby mikachu » Fri Mar 03, 2006 15:39

Hello all, I'm currently creating an level editor for my game, and I have a CEGUI interface on top of my 3d render. My problem is that when I click somewhere in order to, for example, move a cegui window, the mouse click is also valid for the 3d in the background.
So is there a function to detect if the mouse click has hit one of the CEGUI window? It would help me knowing if I should send the information of the click for the editor, or inhibate it because it was used by CEGUI window.

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Postby lindquist » Sat Mar 04, 2006 16:28

you can check the return values of the input injection methods to determine if the event was used by CEGUI, or if it's free to pass on the app


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