OgreCEGUIRenderer.h needing the Ogre dependencies folder.

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OgreCEGUIRenderer.h needing the Ogre dependencies folder.

Postby Duck » Thu May 04, 2006 04:40

I'm trying to compile Ogre from source and CEGUI from source, and have finally got it to compile and run.

I have concerns about how OgreCEGUIRenderer though. It doesn't come with CEGUI, and instead come with the Ogre sample code. This seems reasonable enough. However, OgreCEGUIRenderer.h includes files from a CEGUI subdirectory, like so:

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#include <CEGUI/CEGUIBase.h>

This CEGUI folder doesn't exist in the CEGUI source code. It's only in the "ogrenew\Dependencies\include" directory.

This forces me to keep the Ogre dependency CEGUI headers around, and not use the ones in my proper CEGUI source directory.

I.e. my project file has two include directories which contain CEGUI source:
C:\blah\blah\ogrenew\Dependencies\include\CEGUI // Comes with Ogre
C:\whatever\CEGUI\include // CEGUI source from subversion

I shuffle the order so that the proper source is preferred, but keep the Ogre directory for the renderer.

I'm concerned because if it's just asking for wierd problems when I next update Ogre or CEGUI.
To clean this up I can either:
1. Ignore it and keep the two directories.
2. Hack my OgreCEGUIRenderer.h to not use the CEGUI directory.
3. Copy the OgreCEGUIRenderer into my own project, and manually integrate changes next time I update Ogre.


(I could just do one of the above and move on without making the post, but I think others will likely have the same issue, and I also have a suspition that I'm not 'getting' something.)


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