Is this what I want?

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Is this what I want?

Postby Tocs1001 » Tue May 16, 2006 02:33

I'm developing a MMORPG, and I looked into GUI's and came accross this one I need stuff for login windows and chat all standard stuff, but my biggest most needed thing in my GUI is item control! I need store windows to buy stuff, Trade menus and inventory, all with teh same look so that item control is smooth and uniform throughout the game. The items also need right click menus (for their different effects). Also i need like a quick menu bar at the bottom for spell/special activation. Can CEGUI easily do all this, or am I up to my knees in work to get a small item interface going? If CEGUI can do it, how do you recomend i tackle this?

P.S. Im using Ogre to render CEGUI goes hand in hand with it so I hope it works out to be the library i need.

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Postby lindquist » Tue May 16, 2006 03:08

Easily would be lying. But its most likely possible to acheive what you want with CEGUI. If you use svn trunk you will have a much easier time if you want to customize.

CEGUI allows very complete customisation abilities of the look'n'feel of the gui, and we support drag'n'drop to some extent. Alot of things still have to be set up manually, but the library is fairly stable and definitely at a point where it's useful in pretty general purpose scenarios.

There is a patch in mantis for Dagon support. It's very simple and only affects the samples...

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Postby Xron » Mon Jul 03, 2006 15:17

I am trying to do this too now. I am using the dragcontainer for items but need then to SNAP into another container within the Inventory window and quickbar etc.. What container would I use. Another headless framewindow?

EDIT: I found this post which seems to be helping. ... =inventory

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Postby Rackle » Mon Jul 03, 2006 17:31

A different approach than a ScrollablePane would be to define a grid (let's say 4x3) of StaticImages, scrollable through a scrollbar (have a look at Cegui Build Dialog for an implementation). Each cell would be a drag target and would display a green border when an item could be dropped there or a red border when an item could not be dropped there. A more advanced solution would scroll up/down according to where the item to be dropped was hovering (similar to the effect within Windows Explorer when hovering over bottom folder, which scrolls the directory upward).

A third approach would define a specific drop target which then places the item to an appropriate location within an inventory grid. If you've played EverQuest, there was a middle portion where items could be dropped to automatically equip it within the appropriate armor/item location.

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