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OpenGLRenderer problem

Posted: Fri May 19, 2006 10:32
by Sotai
Don't bother reading this, I solved it, but I really don't know what the problem was ^^

Hi I've just recently discovered CEGUI and it looks really neat. I currently have a game in development and this is exacly what I need. I've run in to a problem though:

The code compiles just fine, but when I start the program, I get an error message reading something like:
"The program could not initialize correctly (0xc0000005). Press OK to exit."
(Translated it from my native language so it may not look exactly like that)

I use VS2005 on WinXP.

I also get the exact same error when running the samples.

If I uncomment the line where i declare my CEGUI::OpenGLRenderer the error disappears. Heres links to my initialize and render functions:

Hope this is just a common problem that can be solved easily, because this really seems like a good choice for a gui, rather than building my own.

Heres a printscreen of the message (in swedish):

Oh, and the libs I use are: