Slider problems

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Slider problems

Postby Levia » Sat Jun 03, 2006 08:08


I have a slider and I want to use it to change stuff on the fly, so I figured I do this:

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CEGUI::Slider * slider;

slider = (CEGUI::Slider*)CEGUI::WindowManager::getSingleton().getWindow("Map/SpeedSlider");
slider->subscribeEvent(CEGUI::Slider::EventValueChanged, Bind1(&core::onValSlider, this));

That would register a function for a event, but it doesnt execute the function when the value actually is changed. Also tried with EventThumbTrackStarted but that didnt work either. Im using (I think) and older version of CEGUI, with yake and ogre. With the yake version (.4) you can probably find the CEGUI version.

Anyway, have I left something out? (I made the window via a .layout file)

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