Problem with WindowsLook Scrollbar

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Problem with WindowsLook Scrollbar

Postby arkos » Mon Jun 05, 2006 01:05

Hey guys,

when I use a windowslook scrollbar in my app I find that the block that goes up and down (vert sbar) will disappear when it gets too far down the bar.

Here is my code:

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CEGUI::Scrollbar* scroll = (CEGUI::Scrollbar*)wmgr.getWindow(sbar);

I noticed when I do scroll->setPageSize() the block will stop at the bottom, but the block then acts unexpectedly (when I click down once to .25, the block will be at a different position than if I scroll all the way down and try to go back up to .25)

Basically I want the block to have 5 steps that it can be at (0, .25, .5, .75, 1). I would use a slider, but there is no vertical slider in WindowsLook and I do not wish to make my own. If any one has any advice, I would appreciate it. :D

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