menu popup won't render on part of screen

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Just popping in
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menu popup won't render on part of screen

Postby dantes » Wed Jul 12, 2006 14:48


I'm sure this isn't difficult to deal with but I'm still a total newbie so please bear with me. I'm using an open scene graph viewer (Producer) to display a few objects, and I want to right click an object and pop up a menu where I click.

As it stands though, while I can get the menu I created for CEGUI to show up, it won't show across the entire screen unless the resolution is set at 800x600. Any resolution larger than that and the menu won't display on the top and right sides of the screen, but I need the menu to show over there.

I'm guessing that there is something obvious that I'm overlooking when I initialize. If anybody can offer some ideas I'd appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,


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