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Forum Usage Guidelines: Ensure you have read this!

Postby CrazyEddie » Tue Jul 01, 2008 10:25

  • If your issue appears in runtime (not during compilation/building/CMake config.) always post your entire CEGUI log (by default, this is the file called 'CEGUI.log' in your working directory), even if there is no error or warning in it. Why? - Because it contains important information regarding your setup, which files you loaded, etc....
  • Before you consider posting, search for similar topics that may already contain a solution. Image
  • Choose an appropriate forum for your post by reading the forum descriptions – when in doubt, post in the General Help forum.
  • Use meaningful thread subjects. For example: "D3D9Renderer throws exception after initialisation on Windows". For both title and content mind correct spelling and capitalisation, it helps users to find subjects later on and also makes them easier and faster to read.
  • Post your OS and if you compile static/dynamic x64 or x86, post the full list of error messages, compiler errors, the callstack / backtrace and everything else that could be useful. Use the [Code] tags for logs and code.
  • Do not write problem descriptions such as "It crashes", we will ignore such posts or might delete them in severe cases since they are meaningless. What we need here instead of "it crashes" is a report on all debugging information you can give us on your problem, including: How, when, and what happened: exception/memory access violation/or any other issue? We need the exact error message or exception (feel free to post screenshots). We need the full CEGUI log and we need the callstack. Also you should build CEGUI in a configuration with Debug symbols, and link it to your application running in Debug mode, so that all debugging information (symbols!) can be retrieved. Without the symbols, the callstacks and debug info will be incomplete and we might not be able to help your issue, also you might not be able to help yourself, which you otherwise should be able to as a software engineer.
  • Once your question is answered edit the initial post and add [Solved] (or similar) to the start of the subject line.
  • Please only post one issue per thread. Create a new thread for every new, independent issue.
  • We encourage postings screenshots/images on the forum.

Whilst we will try our very best to help you where we can, there will be times when we either do not have time to help, or we just do not know the answers (for whatever reason) – in such cases the best and fastest approach will be to get your hands dirty and debug the thing yourself.

Thanks for reading!

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