Useful Links for New CEGUI Users

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Useful Links for New CEGUI Users

Postby CrazyEddie » Wed Jul 02, 2008 11:49

First, we would like to extend you a big, hearty welcome to the world of CEGUI.

Before you go off to fend for yourself, we ask that you first read this posting and the other materials mentioned below, this will ensure that your introduction to CEGUI is as painless as possible, and that your stay in CEGUI land is as productive and rewarding as possible.

We understand that when starting out with any new library things can seem pretty daunting. CEGUI is no different in this respect, and in fact appears quite complex, even baffling, to many new comers. Do not let this put you off – this site, the forums, active members in the community and even the CEGUI developers are all here to help.

In order to get newcomers up to speed as quickly as possible, this post will direct you to various materials – all we ask is that you take some time to read this stuff, and in the case of tutorial articles, study them thoroughly. This will mean that when you do come to ask for assistance, you will have some basic foundational understanding of CEGUI.

The Very First Thing to Read!
How to obtain CEGUI and its related tools.
CrazyEddie's Beginners Tutorial Series – From zero to hero in five easy steps!
What properties are available?
Official reference material

Well, that should be enough to get most people started. We hope you find CEGUI useful.

The CEGUI Team.

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