Q: Editing Tables: Add Editbox to ListBoxTextItem?

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Q: Editing Tables: Add Editbox to ListBoxTextItem?

Postby Van » Tue Jan 20, 2009 06:43

Please don't harp. I KNOW I saw a post sometime ago (year?) regarding this question but I could not find it.

Anyway, I have been asked to investigate editing data we have in CEGUI::MultiColumnList tables. I know that early on (0.3-0.5) this wasn't possible. Is it possible now? And how? Following the normal convention, I suspected the best approach would have been to add a CEGUI::Editbox to the CEGUI::ListBoxTextItem except, CEGUI::ListBoxTextItem doesn't have an add{Child}. So, I'm not to sure what the best approach is. The only other way I can think of would be to place a CEGUI::Editbox just over the CEGUI::ListBoxTextItem using the same coords of the CEGUI::ListBoxTextItem when the editing event is started.

Unless, there is a better way and that would be........

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Postby CrazyEddie » Tue Jan 20, 2009 09:42


Unfortunately the situation with the multicolumn list is unchanged. The content is not Window based, and so none of the CEGUI windows and widgets can be added as items.

The multicolumn list and the combobox drop list are eventually going to be rewritten to use the ItemEntry approach, like the ItemListbox. Though I do not know when this will be done.

Yes, it sucks. Yes, we need to do something about it. Yes, there are only two of us. Yes, there are only so many hours in the day. ;)

Rackle came up with a good idea which was basically to unify the list support under a single widget - basically saying that a standard list is pretty much the same as a multicolumn list except it only has one column (the header would be toggled off and on). I liked this idea, and would like to maybe see that happen some day, as opposed to maintaining the separate versions of a list.


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