OIS exception on createInputObject(OIS::OISKeyboard, true)

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OIS exception on createInputObject(OIS::OISKeyboard, true)

Postby ___MoonDance » Wed Jan 19, 2011 13:39

hello,everyone,I got an error on createInputObject(OIS::OISKeyboard, true).
OGRE 1.60,CEGUI 0.75
m_pKeyboard = static_cast<OIS::Keyboard*>(m_pInputeMgr->createInputObject(OIS::OISKeyboard, true));
I don't know why. :? Thanks for your help!
PS:I don't have the OIS src.

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void GuiContrl::_initOIS(unsigned long hFrameWnd)
   OIS::ParamList paramList;
   paramList.insert(std::make_pair(std::string("WINDOW"), Ogre::StringConverter::toString(hFrameWnd)));
   paramList.insert(std::make_pair(std::string("w32_mouse"), std::string("DISCL_FOREGROUND" )));
   paramList.insert(std::make_pair(std::string("w32_mouse"), std::string("DISCL_NONEXCLUSIVE")));
   paramList.insert(std::make_pair(std::string("w32_keyboard"), std::string("DISCL_FOREGROUND")));
   paramList.insert(std::make_pair(std::string("w32_keyboard"), std::string("DISCL_NONEXCLUSIVE")));
   m_pInputeMgr = OIS::InputManager::createInputSystem(paramList);
   m_pKeyboard = static_cast<OIS::Keyboard*>(m_pInputeMgr->createInputObject(OIS::OISKeyboard, true));
   m_pMouse = static_cast<OIS::Mouse*>(m_pInputeMgr->createInputObject(OIS::OISMouse, true));



   Ogre::WindowEventUtilities::addWindowEventListener(m_pOgreRender->m_pRenderWindow, this);

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Re: OIS exception on createInputObject(OIS::OISKeyboard, true)

Postby Kulik » Wed Jan 19, 2011 13:49

Please ask in the OIS forum. And catch and examine the exception before you post there!

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