About mouse movement Ogre+CEGUI

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Just popping in
Just popping in
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About mouse movement Ogre+CEGUI

Postby erermao » Mon Apr 18, 2011 22:52

Hi, everyone. I am writing to ask for help.
I am doing a menu for a ogre game using cegui. The mouse displays on screen but I cannot move it. I really don't know what's the reason. I am new to use Ogre+CEGUI. Could you please give me some advice?
Thank you so much.

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Re: About mouse movement Ogre+CEGUI

Postby Kulik » Mon Apr 18, 2011 22:55

Please learn to search

I recommend this tutorial series to get started with CEGUI + Ogre
http://www.cegui.org.uk/wiki/index.php/ ... ging_input

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Re: About mouse movement Ogre+CEGUI

Postby Jamarr » Tue Apr 19, 2011 15:51

And please learn to post in the appropriate sub-forum. Thanks.
If somebody helps you by replying to your thread, upvote him/her as a thanks! Make sure to include your CEGUI.log and everything you tried when posting! And remember that we are not magicians!

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