Window size with imagedim

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Window size with imagedim

Postby Irydion » Mon Jul 08, 2013 08:54


I'm not sure wether I should post this here or in the "skins and themes" topic, so feel free to move it if it's in the wrong place.

I'm using Cegui 0.7.9 with a custom renderer and I have a widget defined in looknfeel with its dimensions set like this :

Code: Select all

   <Dim type="LeftEdge">
      <AbsoluteDim value="0" />
   <Dim type="TopEdge">
      <AbsoluteDim value="0" />
   <Dim type="RightEdge">
      <UnifiedDim scale="1" offset="0" type="RightEdge" />
   <Dim type="Height">
      <ImageDim imageset="my_imageset" image="image1" dimension="Height" />

The problem is when I create a widget with this look, it's size is [[1.0, 0.0] [1.0, 0.0]] (UVector2), so its height is higher than image1 from my_imageset.
I'm using createWindow from the windowManager to create the widget (passing 2 args, the type and the name of this widget).
Is this the normal behaviour of createWindow ? Is there another to set the widget size from a imagedim in the looknfeel ?

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