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using Lua to build a CEGUI Interface

Posted: Mon Sep 15, 2014 20:29
by jlambrecht

Currently i'm investigating on how to build a GUI using Lua as the main (scripting) language. Not just for running scripts but as the main language for the entire application. I'm quite confident do not need much more than what Lua offers and i'm somewhat familiar with it already.

However, getting Lua to call CEGUI seems not to be well documented. I have no prior experience programming C/C++ and/or using toLua++.

To start with the main obstacle appears to be the verry start. Should i compile CEGUI, then call the c-header ? Can i use a luarock to install the CEGUI binding ? The URL's i've consulted thus far do not provide much clarity just yet. Whatever progress i make i intend to document for future public reference.

Below are the url's i've consulted thus far to little avail, admittedly i've more like skimmed rather than studied.

--- ... _and_CEGUI
--- ... irstWindow

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