Bitmap Compiling/Decompiling to .bin

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Just popping in
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Bitmap Compiling/Decompiling to .bin

Postby pumasa » Fri May 15, 2015 05:10

So I was trying to decompile .bin file that originaly was .bmp file for font, and I totally failed with that. And Im wondering how can I do it? Or can anyone do it, and explain how they did it?!Itx1iRDS!ry55t0mFRK9455ss19fREAe1BVGdOUjATJi4nsyQ01g .bin file that I need to decompile!okBDgKZA!GSMKqziP8QBsT_lBApErV5pPEl5noUkZl-n9QWbIEbA .bmp file that I need to compile

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