Same code, new PC, CEGUI Stopped working?

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Re: Same code, new PC, CEGUI Stopped working?

Postby Ident » Sat Dec 05, 2015 16:45

Actually I dont know. Didn't change anything on that end - we would have to ask Martin.
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Not too shy to talk
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Re: Same code, new PC, CEGUI Stopped working?

Postby Illiander » Wed Feb 03, 2016 19:48

And I finally made some progress on this:

Cegui 0.8.4
Boost 1.56.0
I am compiling again.

Code: Select all

menu->getChild("MenuWindow/ExitButton")->subscribeEvent(CEGUI::PushButton::EventClicked,std::bind(&MenuEventHandler::Exit, this));

Turns out that my MenuEventHandler::Exit function returned void, and subscribeEvent() *really* doesn't like having void functions passed in. Replaced it with a dummy int return and it's compiling again. That was a hard one to find.

I'm guessing that the thing that made it stop working was something to do with a compiler update making things a little more restrictive or something.

Still have some runtime crashes that I didn't have before, but they could easily be bits left over from debugging attempts.

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