Considering CEGUI for mobile project, some questions

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Just popping in
Just popping in
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Considering CEGUI for mobile project, some questions

Postby Thou3 » Wed Nov 25, 2015 04:49


I am considering CEGUI for an Android OpenGL "browser" project and I was wondering if I could see that if what I'm hoping to do is possible with CEGUI. Basically, my project right now uses SDL2, glm, and C++ and I build it using Android-NDK system. The project is a "browser" that shows different scenes (cube mapping, blending, lighting, and so forth). My goal for using CEGUI is to have a more polished GUI system. Right now I created simpe 2D boxes using OpenGL and rendering them (and it looks ugly).

My other considerations have been QT or possibly using the Java Android classes and their OpenGL ES wrapper classes. The QT option is intriguing but there are some problems, namely my project relies on using OpenGL ES 3 (which QT won't support until QT 5.6 (which is being released in December 2015)) and packaging. The issue with QT packaging on Android is that it packages all of the QT libraries (even if not used) which adds about 30-40 MB to the APK size.

The Java Android GUI classes are also appealing but I would need to rewrite my code-base quite significantly and then there's the overhead of the JVM too. So that brings me here! I know from browsing the forums that Android support on CEGUI is still in development and it doesn't quite yet support OpenGL ES 3 either. I guess I'd like to see from others if CEGUI would be the appropriate choice for my project right now or if there might be any alternative ideas to the ones that I mentioned.

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Re: Considering CEGUI for mobile project, some questions

Postby YaronCT » Wed Nov 25, 2015 07:30

Thou3: CEGUI does support OpenGL ES 3.0. Simply use "OpenGL3Renderer" - it supports either desktop OpenGL >=3.2 or OpenGL ES >=2.0. You'll have to use the latest snapshot from branch "v0-8" though - as version 0.8.4 doesn't have it yet.

As for other aspects of Android support - it's still a work in progress. Some have been committed to branch "v0-8". I continue working on it and do plan to commit some more of my work soon.

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