Rotating scrollbar disables it?

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Just popping in
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Rotating scrollbar disables it?

Postby Blackroot » Sun May 07, 2017 06:59

Hi lads!

I'm working on a quick and dirty GUI in CEED for an in-engine world editor. Really basic stuff, but I've got an odd issue with the the right scroll (which is a left scroll rotated 180*) being disabled.

I'm currently loading the GUI using a layout file, it's kinda big so I'll cut over to the important bit:

Code: Select all

<GUILayout version="4" >
    <Window type="GlossySerpentFHD/FrameWindow" name="widgetEditor" >
        <Property name="Area" value="{{0,1441},{0,1},{0,1922},{0,1087}}" />
        <Property name="Text" value="                           Widget Editor" />
        <Property name="AlwaysOnTop" value="true" />
        <Property name="DragMovingEnabled" value="false" />
        <Property name="CloseButtonEnabled" value="false" />
        <Property name="AutoRenderingSurface" value="true" />
        <AutoWindow namePath="__auto_titlebar__" >
            <Property name="NonClient" value="true" />
            <Property name="AlwaysOnTop" value="false" />
            <Property name="DraggingEnabled" value="false" />
        <AutoWindow namePath="__auto_closebutton__" >
            <Property name="NonClient" value="true" />
            <Property name="AlwaysOnTop" value="true" />
        <Window type="GlossySerpentFHD/SerpentPanel" name="SerpentPanel" >
            <Property name="Area" value="{{0,-20},{0,-25},{1,21},{1,-780}}" />
            <Property name="MaxSize" value="{{1,0},{1,0}}" />
            <Property name="RiseOnClickEnabled" value="false" />

            <Window type="GlossySerpentFHD/HorizontalScrollbar" name="HorizontalScrollbar" >
                <Property name="Area" value="{{0.0556793,-3},{0.433333,10},{0.0556793,47},{0.433333,60}}" />
                <Property name="DragDropTarget" value="false" />

            <Window type="GlossySerpentFHD/HorizontalScrollbar" name="HorizontalScrollbar2" >
                <Property name="Area" value="{{0.835189,5},{0.433333,10},{0.835189,55},{0.433333,60}}" />
                <Property name="Rotation" value="w:1e-016 x:0 y:1 z:0" />
                <Property name="DragDropTarget" value="false" />
                <Property name="AutoRenderingSurface" value="true" />

            <Window type="GlossySerpentFHD/StaticText" name="StaticText" >
                <Property name="Area" value="{{0.0556793,-3},{0.1,47},{1.05568,-52},{1.1,-173}}" />
                <Property name="Text" value="Widget Selector" />
                <Property name="MaxSize" value="{{1,0},{1,0}}" />
                <Property name="FrameEnabled" value="true" />
                <Property name="BackgroundEnabled" value="true" />
                <AutoWindow namePath="__auto_vscrollbar__" >
                    <Property name="VerticalScrollbar" value="true" />
            <Window type="GlossySerpentFHD/Button" name="placeWidget" >
                <Property name="Area" value="{{0.0556793,-3},{0.666667,-4},{0.0556793,437},{0.666667,46}}" />
                <Property name="Text" value="Place This Kind of Widget" />
            <Window type="GlossySerpentFHD/Editbox" name="widgetSelector" >
                <Property name="Area" value="{{0,75},{0,130},{0,415},{0,180}}" />
                <Property name="Text" value="default_widget" />

The left scroll has no problems, it loads and can be interacted with just fine. Very odd, I see no reason for this out of CEED or the XML file. The only difference is that in order for it to be rotated auto-rendering surface turned on. Is this perhaps a bug or am I doing this very wrong?


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Re: Rotating scrollbar disables it?

Postby Ident » Wed May 10, 2017 16:05

Can you reproduce this in an absolutely minimal setup,. e.g in the helloworld sample of our samplebrowser?

AutoRenderingSurface should only affect display but never functionality. It is correct that it has to be enabled for rotation, otherwise we would get all kinds of issues with filtering, AA, etc. The point of rotation is mainly for animation, the way I see it. The proper way to do what you did would be to create a new LNF with mirrored images or whatever. Not sure why you need to rotate it in the first place.
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