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Can't select options on drop down menus.

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 00:47
by DrenDran
So I'm trying to get a basic drop down combobox to work. I have a combobox on my GUI. Basically all settings are default except I tried setting SingleClickMode to true. The box appears when my program is running and if read-only is set to true, I can click it and the drop-down list appears as it should. But when I try and click on an option the drop-down list just disappears and nothing ends up being selected. If read-only is set to false, I can try typing in the box, but I can't select any options and the drop-down list does not appear at all.

Any help letting me actually select a drop down option?

I also get the following error related to the skin I'm using:
CEGUI::UnknownObjectException in function 'CEGUI::Image& CEGUI::ImageManager::get(const CEGUI::String&) const' (C:\Users\Syerjchep\Downloads\cegui-0.8.7\cegui-0.8.7\cegui\src\ImageManager.cpp:261) : Image not defined: GWEN/Input.ComboBox.Button.Pushed

Though even when I go into the schema files to remove references to the image nothing actually changes with regards to how things work.


Code: Select all

    CEGUI::ListboxTextItem *BLSChoice = new CEGUI::ListboxTextItem((CEGUI::utf8*)"Entry1",1,0,false,true);

    BLSChoice = new CEGUI::ListboxTextItem((CEGUI::utf8*)"Entry2",2,0,false,true);


Essential section:
18/04/2018 20:40:00 (Std) ---- Version: 0.8.7 (Build: Nov 2 2017 Microsoft Windows g++ 4.9.2 32 bit) ----
18/04/2018 20:40:00 (Std) ---- Renderer module is: CEGUI::OpenGL3Renderer - Official OpenGL 3.2 core based renderer module. TextureTarget support enabled via FBO OGL 3.2 core implementation. ----
18/04/2018 20:40:00 (Std) ---- XML Parser module is: CEGUI::ExpatParser - Official expat based parser module for CEGUI ----
18/04/2018 20:40:00 (Std) ---- Image Codec module is: SILLYImageCodec - Official SILLY based image codec ----
18/04/2018 20:40:00 (Std) ---- Scripting module is: None ----

The skin I'm using is GWEN.

Re: Can't select options on drop down menus.

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 06:35
by Ident
Hm interesting. Can you try to add a dummy image instead? (just copy the image used for something like the regular state or so)