Changing blending mode to NEAREST_NEIGHBOR?

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Just popping in
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Changing blending mode to NEAREST_NEIGHBOR?

Postby TMcSquared » Mon Jun 04, 2018 21:53

Hello, I would like to change the Blending on the textures when they are scaled to not be blurry, how would I do that?

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Re: Changing blending mode to NEAREST_NEIGHBOR?

Postby Ident » Tue Jun 05, 2018 06:36

in CEGUI 0.X we use bilinear filtering for up and downscaling. For 1.X we will use trilinear filtering so that downscaling won't get blurry anymore.

I assume your issue lies with downscaling? Because with upscaling, nearest neighbor filtering wont help much.

But to answer your question: Just modify your Renderer to use nearest neighbour filtering in all cases. You did not specify anything so you need to figure this out on your own... It is easy and should be pretty safe, as long as all your widget windows are set to be positioned and sized in pixel-correct fashion, which is the default anyway..
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