Slider has shrinked display size and not work

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Just popping in
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Slider has shrinked display size and not work

Postby jiandingzhe » Thu Dec 20, 2018 12:33

I made some trivial content with this layout XML:

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<GUILayout version="4" >
    <Window type="WindowsLook/ScrollablePane" name="ScrollablePane" >
        <Property name="Area" value="{{0,0},{0,0},{1,0},{1,0}}" />
        <Property name="ContentArea" value="l:0 t:0 r:470 b:285" />
        <Property name="ForceVertScrollbar" value="true" />
        <AutoWindow namePath="__auto_container__" >
            <Property name="ContentArea" value="l:0 t:0 r:470 b:285" />
            <Property name="MouseInputPropagationEnabled" value="true" />
            <Window type="WindowsLook/Label" name="Label" >
                <Property name="Area" value="{{0,27},{0,100},{0,155},{0,132}}" />
                <Property name="Text" value="Head volume" />
                <Property name="MaxSize" value="{{1,0},{1,0}}" />
            <Window type="WindowsLook/FrameWindow" name="FrameWindow" >
                <Property name="Area" value="{{0,90},{0,53},{0.3,283},{0.3,165}}" />
                <Window type="WindowsLook/Slider" name="Slider" >
                    <Property name="Area" value="{{0,270},{0,23},{0,302},{0,279}}" />
        <AutoWindow namePath="__auto_hscrollbar__" >
            <Property name="AlwaysOnTop" value="true" />
        <AutoWindow namePath="__auto_vscrollbar__" >
            <Property name="AlwaysOnTop" value="true" />

It runs in my program's SDL window: the FrameWindow can be dragged around, and the ScrollablePane can increase its size and slide. However, the slider widget is rendered with extremely shrinked height. This is the screenshot:

The dim line in right-down corner of FrameWindow is the relic of the slider.

The slider widget was directly dragged into the CEED without modification. Which parameters should I set to make it usable?

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