Selection of Widgets suggestions.

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Selection of Widgets suggestions.

Postby KrookedSaint » Fri Oct 19, 2012 01:21

Heyo everyone.

I just started using this tool 3 days ago, so any of these suggestions may have already been made by other people.

Right now I'm having trouble selecting things properly in the main viewport. I have a few widgets overlapping each other in my design and every time I go to select a certain widget, CEED gets confused over which one I'm trying to select. It gets frustrating pretty quickly.

To solve this I will propose two different solutions.

1. Right Click Menu. If you hover over a group of widgets in the main Viewport and Right Click, it would bring up a mini menu that would allow you to select a layer by name. (Just like PS)

2. Pseudo Photoshop Layers Pallette. In the Widget Hierarchy window, you could include a 'lock' and 'show/hide' icons that would act just like they do in PS.

You could actually implement both of these methods of selecting widgets without having them conflict with each other. Photoshop users would have zero problems understanding/using these, because the idea is straight jacked from Adobe.

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