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Creating and editing looknfeel and schemes

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 21:59
by Thorgard
Hey everyone this is my first post here.

CEED is capable of creating and editing imagesets and layouts and it works really nice.

Does it mean I have to create .scheme and .looknfeel by myself from scratch and then edit it manually? What's the recommended way of doing this?

I'm just in the process of creating my first skin. I'm reading the docs but I thought someone here could help me to better understand things I would greatly appreciate!

1. I created new project
2. I created my imageset, added image definitions

And I'm stuck here. What should I do next ? Create scheme and looknfeel from scratch or copy those files from default themes and base on them?

Re: Creating and editing looknfeel and schemes

Posted: Sat Feb 17, 2018 18:37
by Ident
I think we just talked in #cegui on IRC.

To summarise: there is no looknfeel and scheme editor that is fully finished yet. The looknfeel editor was started but not completed. The recommended way is to edit XML files directly. Not comfortable but also not impossible, users created full skins in the past and the XML is quite readable once you understand the system.

Easiest would be to start copying an existing looknfeels, swap imagery, adjust sizing.