[Mac OS X 10.4] Problems with CEGUI and samples....

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[Mac OS X 10.4] Problems with CEGUI and samples....

Postby Alexco » Wed Sep 28, 2005 13:05


I am currently trying to compile CEGUI on OS X Tiger using XCode 2.1 (GCC 4.0). After some problems I got it compiled using TinyXML. But I run into deep trouble when trying to compile the demo4 sample.

1) some include statements are wrong e.g. <GL/GLUT.H>, but this was no problem.

2) the example application code checks for Win32 and for Linux and allocates a CEGuiRendererSelector accordingly. But there is no default if the system is not Win32 or Linux. I changed that to the CLICEGuiRendererSelector.

Now the sample code compiles as a BSD shell tool project (Is this OK?).
When I start the demo4 executable I can select the OpenGL Renderer. After that the application segfaults with signal 11 (SIGSEGV).
When started in the debugger I can see that the problem is located in the CEGUIString class inside the grow() method:

line 64:
utf32* temp = new utf32[new_size];

This is called from
line 58:

The Thread Display from the GDB looks like this:
#0 0x90003b94 in szone_malloc
#1 0x900039fc in malloc_zone_malloc
#2 0x90003954 in malloc
#3 0x9549bc64 in operator new
#4 0x9549bdac in operator new[]
#5 0x0102f474 in CEGUI::String::grow
#6 0x01111880 in CEGUI::String::assign
#7 0x0111192c in CEGUI::String::operator=
#8 0x0101b0e8 in CEGUI::Imageset_xmlHandler::elementStart
#9 0x010d315c in CEGUI::TinyXMLDocument::processElement
#10 0x010dd024 in CEGUI::TinyXMLDocument::TinyXMLDocument
#11 0x010dd12c in CEGUI::TinyXMLParser::parseXMLFile
#12 0x0101c848 in CEGUI::Imageset::load
#13 0x0101cbec in CEGUI::Imageset::Imageset
#14 0x0101ec40 in CEGUI::ImagesetManager::createImageset
#15 0x0102bc8c in CEGUI::Scheme::loadResources
#16 0x0102da28 in CEGUI::Scheme::Scheme
#17 0x0102ec30 in CEGUI::SchemeManager::loadScheme
#18 0x000034d8 in Demo4Sample::initialiseSample at Sample_Demo4.cpp:58

Anyone with a working CEGUI.framework and samples here who can help me?


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