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Create Imageset from Image File

Posted: Sat Mar 11, 2006 01:36
by nbauernf
I have a problem with the CreateImagesetFromImageFile function. It is supposed to throw an exception when it has some file problems loading the image. It does this the first time I call it with a particular filename that does not exist, but the second time it is called it no longer throws that exception. I believe this is a bug ... but have no idea how to get around it.

In my program you can add any number of files to a list... and none of them are loaded until you ask to modify it's properties. So, if you click the modify button it tries to load it... if it fails it just catches the exception and we're fine.

However, the second time you click the modify button I get an exception from Ogre saying that the image couldn't be found ... which means that the createImagesetFromImageFile function returned a value and did not throw an exception.

I double checked my theory of it throwing an exception the first time and not the second time with some MessageBox functions to see how far down which path the program took on the first call and then the subsequent call. That verified my claim of it throwing an exception once and not the second.

So I just am not sure what to do about this. I'd prefer my program not to crash ever... but it looks like I might have to make an exception of my own for now. Any suggestions?