integrating cegui into app with (non-lua) scripting?

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integrating cegui into app with (non-lua) scripting?

Postby BL » Fri Jun 16, 2006 19:19

hi, we would like to embed cegui into an application that is already using another scripting interpreter, that is we don't really need the lua stuff and would much rather see our existing interpreter being used for the scripting interface.
Is there any documentation about how to approach this goal, that is modifying the interpreter bindings, to support a different interpreter? Or alternatively, what source files should we take a look at specifically?

We searched already the forum, but it isn't clear whether cegui is using SWIG at all, or if modifying the corresponding bindings would mainly come down to manually providing subclassed bindings.

As an aside, are there any plans in improving cegui's performance and overall overhead?
Don't get us wrong, while we think that it is very usable and cool already, it is really far from being a non-trivial dependency to add, likewise in some situations its performance seems not very impressive.
Also, compiling the source tree takes a good amount of time, too (heavy use of templates?).

While these are not necessarily crucial factors, they may nevertheless influence peoples' decision to use it or not: usually it's simply a matter of determining the overhead of additional dependencies, cegui's current overhead is not too encouraging if you are looking for something to simply (and QUICKLY) "plug" into your existing source tree.

Again, this isn't meant to be negative, it's just feedback about our decision process and concerns we had when we discussed embedding cegui into our existing project.

Anyway, thanks for your great work! :-)


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