Stack overflow, probably not in rapport with cegui

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Stack overflow, probably not in rapport with cegui

Postby daesdemon » Sat Apr 09, 2005 20:40

Sorry to disturb again
But i get :

Code: Select all

Stack overflow.
exception: std::bad_alloc @ 0x000336ac.

in the
*void * _nh_malloc_dbg() - Get a block of memory from the debug heap
when _munlock(_HEAP_LOCK); is executed

I check my code and don't really why i get that because i really don' t have to much recurrence inside.

I try compile with /STACK:1000000 and /HEAP:1000000 which should be very enough but no change .

Do you have an idea about this kind of error and if i have done the good changes in case of a stack overflow?

I use VS 2003

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