Global Event Set

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Global Event Set

Postby ritz » Wed May 04, 2005 09:55

Hello All,

I am trying to implement Timer class in my widget. Every time timer gets fired I want to send an event to my window.
I have tried using GlobalEventSet for that.

Here is the code
#include "CEGUITimer.h"
#include "CEGUIBase.h"
#include "CEGUIGlobalEventSet.h"

namespace CEGUI
const utf8 CEGUITimer::EventTimerFired[] = "TimerFired";

CEGUITimer::CEGUITimer(Ogre::Root* p, long interval)
setInterval( interval );



bool CEGUITimer::frameStarted(const Ogre::FrameEvent& e)
if(mCounter > 0)
mCounter -= e.timeSinceLastFrame;
mCounter = mInterval;


return true;

void CEGUITimer::setInterval(long interval)
mInterval = interval;

if( mCounter == 0)
mCounter = interval;

void CEGUITimer::onNotifyTimedEvent()
EventArgs args;
GlobalEventSet::getSingleton().fireEvent(EventTimerFired, args);

My timer is working fine.

Here is the code which i am using for subscription

Ogre::Root * root = NULL;

root = Ogre::Root::getSingletonPtr();

if (root == NULL)
return false;

d_timer = new CEGUITimer(root, duration);

if (d_timer != NULL)
Event::Subscriber(&HTMLViewer::onTimerFired, this));
return true;

The issue is in receiving the event. I am not able to receive the event.

I tried debugging fireevent code, what i could get is event is not getting fired.

Can any body please tell me where i am going wrong.


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Re: Global Event Set

Postby lindquist » Thu May 05, 2005 12:10

when using the global eventset, you must "prefix" the event string with the widgets event namespace fx:


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