Can CEGUI integrate into libCinder

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Just popping in
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Can CEGUI integrate into libCinder

Postby TMcSquared » Fri Mar 16, 2018 23:39

Hello All, I am heading development for a new voxel game engine, [Qub3d](

I am using libCinder for the main rendering and Window structure, I am wondering if CEGUI can integrate into it, if so that would be awesome.

Thanks for your answers in advance :)

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Re: Can CEGUI integrate into libCinder

Postby Ident » Sat Mar 17, 2018 07:39

Yes, you will need to write a subclass for CEGUIRenderer and associated classes. There have been numerous integrations of CEGUI into other engines.

Depending on if you use D3D or OpenGL under the hood, you might just use the regular CEGUI renderers for that without writing your own. But to make it cleanly you would have to write a Renderer implementation.
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