Need to hire a CEGUI developer

For help with anything that CEGUI doesn't offer straight out-of-the-box, e.g.:
- Implementation of new features, such as new Core classes, widgets, WindowRenderers, etc. ...
- Modification of any existing features for specific purposes
- Integration of CEGUI in new engines or frameworks and writing of new plugins (Renderer, Parser, ...) or modules

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Just popping in
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Need to hire a CEGUI developer

Postby manhnt » Mon Mar 04, 2019 02:13

I want to hire a person to do the following work, I can't arrange much time so I really need
someone to help me and I can pay. OpenGL programming experience is required. You'll
need to work with vertex buffer, index buffer, texture, render target, basic shader, ...

Contact here: ... o-complete

Mecurial (Hg) version control is required but easy so you can learn it fast (clone commit
push pull commands).
You must make small commits and push frequently to your repository for me to review
You should work on Ubuntu 18.04 because the code is not tested on Windows at all so we
may waste more time to make on Windows.

- From the base code that I wrote, I need coders to complete the
renderer module
- Graphics back-end (made by me) is:
- Current CEGUI code (based on 0.8.7):

I've completed these tasks:
- Add renderer to CMake build
- Integrate render to sample framework so it can be chosen
- Basic renderer initialization
- Image codec
- Some texture and render target, geometry buffer code

Here is the task list that I think what is remaining:
- Implement the geometry buffer drawing
- Clipping, special CEGUI rendering parameters, etc
- Texture mapping, render to texture

Estimated lines of code: 500 - 800

- Fork CEGUI, clone your fork (remember to checkout saga branch):
- Clone Saga3D:
- Build Saga3D
- Build CEGUI, in CMake GUI specify Saga3D's location, enable Saga3D renderer module
and all samples
- Write geometry buffer code and other code
- Test samples framework to see all examples are rendered correctly
- Use Saga3D's SDL2 input system to detect keyboard, mouse events and send to CEGUI
- Test if GUI reacts correctly

CEGUI will generate vertex list, texture list, etc ... (you'll need to learn what CEGUI does by
looking at its code: OpenGL, Direct3D, Irrlicht, Ogre renderer). After CEGUI generate those,
we need to render to the screen using Saga3D, which is is an abstraction of Vulkan API that
I make.
So the work is mostly to understand CEGUI's rendering code then you can ask me how to
draw that with Saga3D.

Just popping in
Just popping in
Posts: 13
Joined: Thu Oct 26, 2017 01:52

Re: Need to hire a CEGUI developer

Postby manhnt » Tue Mar 12, 2019 16:17

This job is closed.

Gonna do it myself for better CEGUI understanding.

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