Bug: Dumping GUI sheet to file causes parse errors.

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Bug: Dumping GUI sheet to file causes parse errors.

Postby granx » Fri Apr 21, 2006 19:52

I don't know if this has been spotted already, and I wasn't sure how to search for it on the forums. I did a quick glance at mantis and saw nothing that looked similar, so I am posting here.

In version 0.4.1 (not in revision control):
When you dump a GUI sheet to a file, the "Text" property will possibly dump out the "<" character. This happens for me when I load a layout file with navigation buttons "<" (for reverse) and ">" (for forward). I have a WindowsLook/Button (using Falagard, windowslook skin), and I assign its "Text" property to be "&lt;". This parses and displays fine, but if I modify the layout in my application (it's an editor ;) ), then dump out the GUI sheet to file, the Button will have a Text property value of "<" and not "&lt;", which is malformed XML, and causes parsers to cry and give up.

If this bug has not been addressed already in revision control, what do you think the right solution would be?

Thanks, -granx

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