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Framework for tools

Posted: Thu Aug 03, 2006 15:00
by Rackle
Regarding the Framework for tools post...

>> CEGUI in combination with SDL and OpenGL

I would prefer to continue what CEGuiSample has started, with multi-renderer support. Their current implementation has problems, such as not feeding time (needed for tooltips) nor calling cleanupSample().

This approach could lead to new classes for Cegui's users (us, the programmers). For example, with an integrated (non-wxWidgets) layout editor I could provide an in-game method for my users to modify my layouts. I could impose some restrictions, such as only moving and resizing widgets and not adding, removing, changing type (from combobox to pushbutton). This is not the best example but still, it provides an idea of what I mean.

>>Advantages wxWidgets: Common Windows functionality such as open & save file dialogs, toolbar, tree control.

My argument is that if you, the Cegui dev team, need these widgets for your "application" then it's not a great leap to understand why us, the Cegui programmers/users, would also desire these same widgets. Forcing you to use Cegui would help develop additional tools that everyone could benefit from.

There is a file open/save dialog implemented in the Ogre Wiki (should be moved here). The current version is not platform independent and would need to be modified. Disk Object provides a somewhat generic disk/file access library that could be useful for this task.