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CEGUI::ListboxTextItem::setMouseCursor function

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2007 17:15
by kungfoomasta
This is outlined in the following thread:

Basically, CEGUI::ListboxTextItem class does not have a setMouseCursor function, and the only way to view a cursor over these items is by setting a global default mouse cursor.

I believe that code is something similar to:


This also enforces the mouse cursor look the same over all ListboxTextItems, regardless of how many ComboBoxes, ListBoxes, or other are used.


Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2007 20:19
by kungfoomasta
Hm, nobody replied, but through reading the forum, I found a link to a wiki page that provides some important information!

The choices are listbox text items (ListboxTextItem) added to the combobox via addItem(). These do not possess a selection indicator by default; one must be specified via setSelectionBrushImage().

I will try this out later. Wonder why the difference in function names, and in functionality?