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[CELayoutEditor]Request: local lock widget size position etc

Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2009 00:19
by Evak
I use cegui for a level editor which has a fairly complicated layout. One thing that happens often is that I have to use the browse layout treeview to select widgets as much as possible since manipulating widgets can be a little hit or miss sometimes.

What I mean by that is clicking on a widget with the mouse cursor can make the item you clicked on move a pixel unintentionaly instead of just selecting. There are a few quirky behaviours like this which require saving quite often and reloading to undo an fudged mouse action.

One feature I would like to see is the ability to lock a widgets position and scale localy, I tried the padlock icon but it seems to do is lock your selection so only it can be manipulated. I'd like to see a lock that locks all of the selected widgets data, so you can't accidentally edit it once locked.

To be honest I'd really love a way to lock transforms to either absolute or relative coordinates. Too many times I load in a UI or have to scale a framewindow and the whole panel needs to be modified because all the widgets inside changed from absolute to relative coordinates. Even if the scale is correct it means that if I later have to scale the widget I need to start all its position and scale properties from scratch to make sure its pixel accurate.

Here's a quick screenshot of our flowED editor for flow3d and ogre :)

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2009 09:47
by CrazyEddie

Thanks for the feature requests, there are some good ideas :)

I edited the topic subject so it's clear it's about the layout editor. And I'll let scriptkid handle the meat and potatoes of your requests (proper responses, mantis tickets, etc, etc...)


Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2009 10:55
by scriptkid
I heard my name! :)

Both the selection locking, and the relative/absolute editing of positions are functionality, which are not very intuitive. I think that the locking should be the reverse of what i does now.

About the positioning, i am thinking (dangerous) about being able to toggle a 'preferred' mode, with Relative, Pixels, and Both as the options. For example, when the mode is Pixels, the 'scale' values in the grid could be grayed out. That's just an idea which i have.